Doodle Art and Lettering with Joanne Sharpe Books in Review
by Adrienne Petterson © 2022


Doodle Art and Lettering
with Joanne Sharpe
North Light Books/Penguin Random House
ISBN 978-1-4403-4733-7
Published 2017 - Softcover - 144 pages - $24.99

So much effort (and talent!) has gone into this book, and I for one, am so appreciative.  I've always doodled (as a way to distract my busy mind from all the blah) but had no idea that I could turn it into art.  You don't need much other than some pens, color pencils or markers, and some paper.  Some paint if you want to go the extra mile.  Art teacher Joanne Sharpe has expanded the idea of a doodle into a whole new stratosphere, and her beautiful ideas (and colors) have really started me doodling again.  I paint too so I am definitely going to combine the two.  She emphasizes that you don't have to be afraid because there are no rules so you're free to do whatever your heart desires.  She shares so many uplifting designs that are sure to inspire you, along with her easygoing tone to encourage you.  I absolutely love the lettering aspect and firmly believe the Universe listens to our hearts and minds when we write in our journals.  I had reluctantly gone searching online for inspiration but I did find this book!  The vibrant illustrations will draw you in and I hope will make you pick up pen and paper.  If you need a little nudge, you can follow Joanne's idea of using stencils to draw designs and then doodle and color to your taste and style.  You could also go small and doodle one-inch squares.  Your creations can fill journals or be cut out as ephemera or you can use your designs to decorate whatever needs to be enhanced.  My favorite piece is on page 79—it says it all!  (I have loads more favorites!)  If you only want one art book, I highly recommend this one.  And yes, "doodle" is a funny word.  A word I love!
Visit Joanne Sharpe's website — a really fun website.
Visit the Artists Network website.

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