If You can Doodle You Can Paint by Diane Culhane Books in Review
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If You can Doodle You Can Paint - Transforming Simple Drawings into Works of Art
by Diane Culhane
Quarto Publishing
ISBN 978-1-63159-289-8
Published 2017 - Softcover - 112 pages - $19.99

This is such a lovely book to help you turn your doodles into something you can use in your artwork.  Doodles are used extensively in mixed media projects, so being able to harness your scribbles, as it were, is so helpful.  Now, what exactly constitutes a “doodle” is debatable, but don’t let that stop you, as Diane Culhane says that it’s “just making marks on the page while your mind is busy thinking or listening”.  That sounds easy enough, and she teaches how to let the mind go and the fingers to produce works of art.  And doodles can lead to art by adding paint and/or mixed media.  And something I learned was that doodling doesn’t have to be on scrap bits of paper!  It can be on anything; truly expanding one’s art!  You can use pens, pencils, crayons, markers, gel pens, charcoal, or anything that writes.  There are plenty of exercises to help train the brain to just doodle, whether you’re drawing circles, lines, dots, squares, houses, trees, shapes, objects or whatever else your heart desires.  I loved from Exercise 7 onwards as that’s when color is introduced!  You can color your doodles in, any way you feel.  You are also shown how to make books and art journals and Projects One and Two were my favorite chapters in this fun book.  I have to say that Project Six (Abstract Painting: Mixed Media is also really interesting for those of us wanting to get into this aspect of creativity.  Fun, fun, fun!

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