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Diana Style
by Colin McDowell
St. Martin's Press
ISBN 0-312-37537-9
Published August 2007 - Hardcover - 240 pages - $29.95

It's hard to believe the Princess of Wales has been gone for over ten years.  I'm sure her legacy will live forever, as will her fabulous sense of style.  It was difficult for Princess Diana to look bad - almost everything she put on looked elegant and stylish, be it jeans and a t-shirt or a designer outfit.  Design mavin Colin McDowell has put together a stunning collection of photographs of the late princess, ones you're bound to enjoy.  The text is mostly about her fashion style, how she came about it, and whose designs she wore.  We're also treated to sketches of dresses and shoes, as well as her hairstyles, make-up, hats, and jewelry.  It's also a catalog of her ascent into the world of fashion, with anecdotes about her clothes and those from whom she sought outfits and advice, of which there were many.  It's also a brief summary of her life.  Of course we all remember the fashion faux pas she made early on, and I found it interesting to read about the secrecy behind some of her outfits and of the reaction to many items she wore.  Princess Diana could liven your business in an instant should she have chosen to wear one of your outfits.  I loved Princess Diana, what she stood for, her commitment to helping others, her beauty, and her outfits.  Happily, I get to see more of some of my favorite photographs of her fashions: pages 11, 72 (fabulous), 94 (smashing), 109 (unsurpassed), 121 (she looked good in almost anything), 130, 169 (beat that!), and 223.  My worst?  Page 160 (horror of horrors!), page 5 (I hate satin, and this pink is just ghastly!), page 91 (yuck), page 173 (where'd her boobs go?), and page 202 (need I say more?).  Just goes to show, some things shouldn't be worn by anybody.  A great picture is on page 57 - what a happy face.
Conclusion - A lovely tribute to a lovely lady.

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