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After Diana - William, Harry, Charles, and the Royal House of Windsor
by Christopher Andersen
ISBN 1-4013-0360-9
Published June 2007 - Hardcover - 334 pages - $25.95

I wonder if this poor princess will ever rest in peace.  She was hounded every second of her life and it barely seems to have subsided even though she died ten years ago.  This book is one of two out now on her that I know about.  I loved Princess Diana, and all she did for humanity.  Who of us are saints?  I think she was driven to do the "weird" things she did do in her life by those closest to her.  It seems that so many people "knew" her (I seriously have my doubts) and think they are qualified to write about her.  Pity.  The thing I dislike most about biographies is when they quote bits of conversation.  To me, it's almost all speculation.  Of course authors can get snippets of things people actually said, but when they quote so many people in their books, we're supposed to believe it all?  Like, "My darling," Charles asked her through his tears, "What is going to happen to us now?"  (Prince Charles to Camilla)  I don't believe Andersen got this on good authority, and neither do I buy most of what was "said" in his book.  Another example: "...but the Queen wondered if the reverse was true."  How on earth does he know what the Queen wondered?  Poppycock.  (I was only on page 22 of the book by the time I'd got this far with my review.)  The rest of the book talks about Charles and Camilla's affair, the other affairs Prince Charles was alleged to have had, the two princes coming of age, their antics, their love lives, things Christopher Andersen thinks we don't already know about.  I wasn't enjoying this drivel.  I wish everyone would stop speculating and rehashing old stories.  Let the princess rest in peace.  Also, I hated the way Andersen referred to Prince Harry as "The Spare" - I don't care if it was originally said when he was born.  Repeat it once, but he went on and on, and to me, this is disrespectful to the young prince.
Conclusion - I don't know how this became a bestseller.  I found it mediocre at best.  Ho hum, heard it all before.

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