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Morning Has Broken - A Couple's Journey Through Depression
by Emme and Phillip Aronson
New American Library (NAL)
ISBN 0-451-21807-8
Published February 2006 - Hardcover - 305 pages - $24.95

Nowadays, many of us have either had a bout of depression, or at least know someone suffering with this oftentimes debilitating afflication.  It's difficult to deal with, and in a marriage it can be devastating.  However, there is hope out there.  Supermodel Emme's husband Phil went through his depression and he was fortunate enough to have the love and support of his wife, family, and friends.  Their goal in writing this book, says Phil, " for it to serve as a guide for other couples going through their own versions of the same ordeal".  They're candid with their story and admit they're not experts and don't have all the answers.  Every case is different and needs different treatment (not necessarily a case of just taking a pill) in order to get better.  On top of this they also had to cope with Phil's brother who had brain cancer, as well as bring up their two-year old daughter and deal with Phil's subsequent suicide attempt.  Coping with depression, whether personally or caring for someone else who has it, is exhausting, but thankfully there have been great strides forward in the treatment thereof.  Phil was fortunate to have been able to afford a multitude of treatments in the quest to find the right combination for him, but not before they almost couldn't afford it anymore.  Prior to depression, Phil was consumed with incredible pain and had to try and sort that out as well.  This is a superb source of reference and information for anyone looking for clues about a loved one's depression and also about their own possible depression.  By all accounts Emme did an excellent job at shielding their young and impressionable daughter from the toll it took on her father and their families.  A great example to other parents.
Please, don't ever say "snap out of it" to someone with depression.  They can't and it's hurtful.
Conclusion - An extremely eye-opening account of finding out you have depression and dealing with it promptly.

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