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Why We Suck - A Feel Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid by Dr. Denis Leary Books in Review
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Why We Suck - A Feel Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid
by Dr. Denis Leary
ISBN 978-0-670-03160-3
Published November 2008 - Hardcover - 240 pages - $26.95

The warnings are there, right on the first few pages.  They're clearly spelled out so you've got no one to blame but yourself if this book is not what you expected.  Dr. Leary says, "I'm not here to make you feel all warm and fuzzy or superior to everyone else or all soft and gooey inside.  I am here to debunk and declassify and otherwise hold up a brutally honest mirror to our fat, ugly, lazy American selves."  Uh-oh.  Denis Leary's book is basically a rabid rant on today's society, and he touches on gay marriage, bipolar, celebrities, dysfunctional families, President Bush, fatness and baldness, sports, men, women, and more, all before you get to chapter one!  I howled my way through this book, and particularly loved his eloquent description of how I see the average American women (under 45) on page 23 (I see this every day) - the paragraph starting with "Unless" and ending with "small".  He's spot on.  He also covers politics, rehab, self-esteem, Oprah (hilarious), food, sex, the Catholic Church, racism, and you name it.  No one is safe, especially the young stars of today, modern parents (I agree with him on most points) and their offspring.  I think Denis Leary, in much of his book, says what many Americans feel about their country: embarrassed.  You tell 'em doc.  Glad you didn't hold back.  I have no doubt Leary also echoes the sentiments of many like-minded people around the world.
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Conclusion - Don't read this if you can't laugh at yourself or at life in general.

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