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Could it be Forever? - My Story
by David Cassidy
ISBN 0-7553-1579-6
Published May 2007 - Hardcover - 371 pages - $24.95

Even though I never saw The Partridge Family, or ever saw the young David Cassidy in concert, I was a fan.  A fan of his songs and his adorably sexy face and hair.  I bought teen magazines to see pictures of him.  It wasn't until I eventually saw him in Time on stage in London in the late 80s that I actually got to see him perform.  More or less the last I heard of David Cassidy was that he'd married a South African woman (I'm from SA) after divorcing Kay Lenz (who, incidentally, I met in SA when she was out there making a film).  He's not been in the limelight for ages so I was delighted to come across his book.  Finally, I could get the real story, directly from the horse's mouth (pun intended as I come from a horse-racing and horse-breeding family).  I was a little hestitant though, as perhaps my illusions would be shattered.  And were they ever!  His book is candid, and I was a little surprised that he was smoking pot at 13 and shortly thereafter, using drugs.  This was the 60s after all, and he wasn't anywhere near famous yet, and he diligently cleaned up his act upon being discovered.  I didn't know that he was out of high school when he pursued acting - all along I thought the "famous" David Cassidy was a young teenager.  What did I know?  I lived on another continent for heaven's sake, and kind of believed all the garbage the teen mags churned out.  He tells how he got the job of Keith Partridge with his stepmother Shirley Jones, how he almost gave it up, his breakthrough live concerts, his mug on every teen magazine, his young fans, the promiscuity (there was a lot of sex), his famous father, and about his friends.  He relates stories of the celebs-of-the-time he met (Elvis and John Lennon being just two), and the things they got up to.  I found the way his early career was handled rather disturbing - things certainly have changed.  I never knew about the financial devastation he endured, and came back from, that he re-married, or that he had children.  Throughout the book there are anecdotes by family, friends, and colleagues - it adds to the story.
Visit David's website.
Conclusion - The good, the bad, and the ugly - this book's full of it.  Fan or not, this is a really interesting read.

"Many thanks for the review of my book.  I hope your readers enjoy it."  David Cassidy

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