If You Can Cut You Can Collage - From Paper Scraps to Works of Art by Hollie Chastain Books in Review
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If You Can Cut You Can Collage - From Paper Scraps to Works of Art
by Hollie Chastain
ISBN 978-1-63159-335-2
Published 2018 - Softcover - 128 pages - $24.99

Hollie Chastain's opening words resonated so loudly with me as I thought I was freaky because I loved hanging on to photos, lettering, pictures, magazines, etc., and couldn't bear to part with them.  I lost a huge chunk of creativity in my life because I didn't keep so much, and I've only just realized it.  I also realized I'm not freaky.  Now I collect things that appeal to me to maybe use in my new-found love of collage.  Or not.  Her book is easy to follow and she lists things you could use or find useful.  (I always say use what you have until you know better what you're doing.)  You can try embroidery, painting, stenciling, drawing, stamping, and more.  Principles of Composition is discussed and these principles apply: Unity - Balance - Movement - Rhythm - Focus - Contrast - Proportion and Scale - Depth - The Rule of Thirds.  I have to admit that I don't think about composition (it doesn't click in my brain) but do instinctively apply Contrast and Rule of Thirds for the most part.  Also included are Exercises and Projects to try your hand at from what you've picked up from the preceding chapters, and there are loads of ideas to try out.  And, if you don't have "paper" to hand, there's a superb collection of paper you can use at the back of the book!  Yes, you can cut these pages up if you want!  All 26 pages!  A fun book to get you going along the road of collage.

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