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Curves Rule and Flat is Fabulous - Sexy, Stylish Looks for Every Figure by Rita Mauceri and Elycia Rubin Books in Review
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Curves Rule and Flat is Fabulous - Sexy, Stylish Looks for Every Figure
by Rita Mauceri and Elycia Rubin
Citadel Press
ISBN 978-0-8065-2881-6
Published January 2009 - Softcover - 145 pages - $18.95

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I've always believed, otherwise how do you explain "unpretty" and "unslim" women and men hooking up with others?  The sooner we realize life's not a one-size-fits-all-with-regards-to-fashion scenario, the better off we'll be.  I like that Rita and Elycia have expanded on the basics of figure shapes - finally!  They offer these more realistic feminine figure shapes: Booties, Hipsters; Belly Babies; Curvies; Leggies: Dainties; Busties; Tatas, and Broads.  So, there you have it.  We women come in a wide variety of models, so how can a few "fashions" be applicable to all of us?  This book tells you otherwise, and they cover denim jeans (everyone's fave), tees (a national staple), jackets, skirts, sweaters, dresses, casual, and beachwear (a scary thought) among others.  I liked that there's a chapter on underwear, a big problem these days; just look around you.  I mean really look.  I also liked most of the illustrations but found these to be just plain messy: page 14, 59, and 80.  Their tips scattered around the book I found to be good, good advice.  For me, I prefer not to have to look at big women squeezed into clothes (low-ride jeans as an example) from which they bulge.  Even more revolting is the bulge on view.  Wear what suits you and feels comfortable, not what's "fashionable".
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Conclusion - Constructive and believable advice.

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