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The Kennedy Curse
by Edward Klein
St. Martin's Press
ISBN 0-313-31292-X
Published July 2003 - Hardcover - 260 pages

A much more sensational book about the Kennedys than the lovely one about Caroline Kennedy by Christopher Andersen (see my review).  Here, author Edward Klein tells about the misfortunes of the narcissistic Kennedy and Fitzgerald families, dating back to the mid-1800s.  Somehow believing (or being genetically predisposed perhaps) that they are omnipotent or "entitled" to be different from the rest of humanity, Klein sets about putting things in perspective.  Of course the Kennedys, and their extended families, have had the most tragic and public calamities and it's hard not the believe that something bigger than them is in charge.  A longtime friend of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Klein writes around many of their conversations, as well as many Kennedy associates' sides of the stories.  The story begins with John F. Kennedy Jr's death and his wife's drug habits, then goes back to Irish immigrant Patrick Kennedy's arrival in America in 1849, and then on to the story of John Francis Fitzgerald, Rose Kennedy's father, and the others.  This book highlights seven of the Kennedy "victims" and for those who like an indepth story, they'll love this book.  I can understand why there was so much covered up as much more went on than the public was ever led to believe.
Conclusion - A must for followers of this prosperous yet perplexed family. BookBrowser

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