Vintage Crochet Hats and Accessories by Kathryn Fulton Books in Review
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Vintage Crochet Hats and Accessories
by Kathryn Fulton
Stackpole Books
ISBN 978-0-8117-1447-1
Published 2014 - Softcover - 104 pages - $14.95

Crochet is so easy to learn and goes so much faster than knitting.  Every now and then I haul out my crochet hooks and yarn scraps and make a few squares that will either become a little blanket or a pillow.  This book offers 23 items to try your hand at, whether for yourself or as gifts.  And I love the vintage or retro aspect, in particular the Flapper Cloche on page 31 and the Flower Child Hat on page 91.  Designs range from 1910-1960s.  Choose from a beanie, cloches, scarves or shawls, caps, bags, and even a Fedora.  All projects have a skill level with most at an Easy level and only one at an Experienced level.  The visual index at the end of the book is really helpful.  It's so rewarding making something from scratch, and these easy patterns look such fun.  You could even use up your scraps of yarn and start making items for yard sales or church sales.

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