The Complete Book of Mixed Media Art by Walter Foster Creative Team Books in Review
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The Complete Book of Mixed Media Art
by Walter Foster Creative Team
Walter Foster Publishing
eISBN 978-1-63322-601-2
Published 2018 - eBook 79,815kb - Price unknown

I love these ďcompleteĒ books as there is so much to choose from, and they are especially helpful to anyone starting out not knowing up from down.  In each section there is helpful information plus a few projects to test your skills and ability.  The usual topics are covered, like Paper, Paints, Stamps and Stencils, plus a few more, like Basics (extensive coverage), Embossing, Resists and Masking, Art Journaling, etc.  Thereís also a section on Encaustics, something I quite fancy exploring.  The attention to detail is very helpful, and inspiring, and I always try and look into the pictures.  The ideas in each section are also really inspiring and Iíve made notes on more than a few ideas Iíd like to try.  Not only are the ideas helpful, there are helpful hints and tips that perhaps you never even considered.  The collages are incredible and so varied that youíre truly spoiled for choice.  Most projects have step-by-step instructions along with illustrative photos, so you canít really go wrong.  I love the handmade color wheel!  It's great practice and the other diagrams are also worth making.  There is so much to mixed media, so if something sparks your interest but you canít find any text or books on it, just run with it and make it your own.  I donít usually read these kinds of books as eBooks, but I couldnít find a hard copy at my library.  It worked pretty well on my tablet.  A truly comprehensive book youíll get a lot out of.

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