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Staging Your Comeback - A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45 by Christopher Hopkins Books in Review
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Staging Your Comeback - A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45
by Christopher Hopkins
Health Communications, Inc.
ISBN 978-0-7573-0634-1
Published March 2008 - Softcover - 328 pages - $22.95

Something that jumped out at me from the get-go was this (under the Second-Act Essentials chapter listed on the Contents page): What's Age Appropriate Now?  Also, I have to say, "at last!" a beauty book for us older women.  Most beauty books feature young and firm "girls", and if we're lucky, one or two pages for the mature woman.  We shouldn't have to rely on younger people's clothes and make-up designs.  Christopher Hopkins covers everything (hair, make-up, clothes) and offers a broad spectrum of women "examples" and their transformations.  All ages from 48-69, all shapes and sizes, all colors, tall or short, heavy or thin, long or short hair, straight or curly hair, and everything inbetween, all go through Hopkins' magic make-overs.  Some changes are alarming to say the least; some changes are so dramatic I think these women must have almost collapsed when they saw their new selves.  Hopkins' mother was his inspiration, and he learned how she covered up, colored in, and made the most of what she had to work with.  If only we just knew what works and what doesn't for ourselves, but we don't, as is evident from a walk through any mall anywhere.  Sometimes I think women don't look at themselves before stepping outside the home.  Hopkins relates many a story (many very familiar stories) of the wants and desires of many women, and he offers advice on how to be successful.  He says, "The power of a made-up mind is one of the strongest forces in the human psyche."  Basically, you've got to want to change before you will change.  It's good and well having ideas and dreams, but they're worthless unless you do something.  Do his little written exercises to see where you are.  His models are great inspirational examples—they're everyday people we can relate to, with everyday clothes problems, and their transformations are astounding.  Oh how I wish I could invest in a make-over.  I'm the perfect candidate, but, with no money, no job, no prospects, I can't.  Couldn't afford the upkeep anyway.  I can dream though.
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Conclusion - Finally, we're considered for a change, with practical and appropriate advice.  Thank you!

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