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But I Can Still Dance
by Carleen Breskin Clarke
iUniverse, Inc.
ISBN 0-595-28162-1
Published August 2003 - Paperback - 173 pages - $16.95

Having rediscovered their love for each other, just seconds prior to their divorce going through, Carleen and Chester Breskin Clarke were delivered the blow of a lifetime.  Chester had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  Not only did this devastating news not shatter their love, it changed both their lives, forever.  Things changed - "friends" stopped being social.  "Friends" retreated, and in general, Carleen discovered that a lot of people don't know what to do when someone is (or becomes) disabled.  Read how this committed and courageous woman learned to live her own life while still being a devoted caregiver to the man she so loved.  How she overcame her guilt and depression and learned to live, for herself.  By making things okay in her own life, she was in a much better position to be of help to Chester.  She was also building up her self-esteem which in turn enabled her to be in a much better position once Chester lost his battle, after 16 years.  From her lessons, learn to help make it easier for yourself as a caregiver, whatever your particular situation.  The only thing missing in this book, I feel, are some toll-free hotline numbers of helpful organizations where people can call for advice and assistance.  Especially for those people who live way out in the middle of nowhere.  Visit Carleen at
Here are some contacts for you.
Parkinson's Disease Foundation, Inc.
E-mail:  Tel: 1-800-457-6676
American Parkinson's Disease Association, Inc.
E-mail:  Tel: 1-800-223-2732 (New York)
E-mail:  Tel: 1-800-908-2732 (Los Angeles)
Conclusion - A good and uncomplicated read.  Perfect for any caregiver facing, or going through, a debilitating illness. BookBrowser

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