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Dancing Lessons - How I Found Passion and Potential on the Dance Floor and in Life by Cheryl Burke Books in Review
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Dancing Lessons - How I Found Passion and Potential on the Dance Floor and in Life
by Cheryl Burke
ISBN 978-0-470-64000-5
Published February 2011 - Hardcover - 237 pages - $24.95

From a shy and near-sighted little girl to flamboyant and confident ballroom dancing champion, Cheryl Burke in her book illuminates her life for all of us to read.  What a pleasure.  This softly-spoken young woman is clearly at home on the dance floor but often is a bundle of nerves, as one would imagine.  Her book starts off with her memorable debut on Season Two of Dancing with the Stars and her eventual win with partner Drew Lachay.  Since then her life's not been the same.  I enjoy watching Cheryl as she appears to be the consumate professional dancer, not so much "performer" as it were, although her performances are superb and very entertaining.  You can see it in her face when she's dancing.  Her book covers her early upbringing in Northern California, her move to New York, and her eventual move back to California to Los Angeles where she's a regular on Dancing with the Stars.  Her story is one of encouragement and one of determination, talent, and good fortune.  Cheryl was attacked by gormless and unscrupulous paparazzi who portrayed her as a partying drunk.  How cruel and potentially destructive!  And so unncessary.  Anyway, Cheryl tells things how they happened and what she did to overcome the gossip and lies.  Naturally she speaks about her partners on the show, the preparations they go through, the nerves, the glitter and glamour, and those costumes.  Each chapter is named after a dance, and the ideas behind the dances are explained so now we better understand the moves, costumes, and the sometimes downright aggression (paso doble).  Cheryl also opens up about being in abusive relationships and the molestation she was subjected to as a child, as well as the destructive comments on Web sites and in the media about her weight.  I wish people would think before they act or speak or write.  She chose to rise above it and has become stronger and more confident.  Cheryl has a busy business life beyond Dancing with the Stars, as she's also the owner of dance studios, a fitness clothing designer, author, and hopes to put together a Las Vegas show someday.
Conclusion - Respectful and enlightening.  Charming, eloquent, and honest.  A really nice read.

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