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Cherries Over Quicksand by Rhonda Ricardo Books in Review
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Cherries Over Quicksand - Fun Stories from Men Who Returned to Their Resilient Women
by Rhonda Ricardo
Author House
ISBN 978-1-4490-3315-6
Published December 2009 - Softcover - 285 pages - $18.95

The title is a little misleading as some of the men didn't end up returning to their wives/girlfriends/fiancees, and there are also stories from women.  This is a collection of "why we broke up" stories from men, some of whom, contrary to belief, do have hearts and can be sad.  Some women leave of their own accord, others leave because they're asked/told to, and sometimes we regret our actions.  Author Rhonda Ricardo points out that we all want to be loved and cherished, and that sometimes going without is the most difficult thing to cope with in life; other times it's just easier to go back to what you had because it's what you know.  Spending time on your own (not alone) is often the best course of action as it's the best way to get to know yourself.  Hopefully we all get the lessons to be learned in life.  The stories are from men from all walks of life, be they artists, businessmen, a store manager, a butcher, etc., and from men of all ages.  The story about the man who appreciates his wife and "got" early on how much a mother has to do — they've been together for over thirty years — was particularly moving.  She also briefly touches on the pregnancy trap which usually doesn't work out.  I liked the stories from the men who "get" their wives and their roles in their marriage/relationship and who pursue their partners and work at their marriages.  Rhonda Ricardo's "goal" with this book is to open women's eyes to the clues their men drop, what can happen, their thoughts perhaps, and what to expect in relationships.  There is also the jerk guy — read the story "Static Cling II" and be warned!
Visit the Cherries Over Quicksand website or the author at her website.
Conclusion - Equally enlightening for both men and women.

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