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Sharing the Good Times
by Jimmy Carter
Simon & Schuster
ISBN 0-7432-7033-9
Published November 2004 - Hardcover - 175 pages - $21.00

I'd never read any of ex-President Jimmy Carter's other books (he's written quite a few!) so I was keen to read this one I came across.  It's about his childhood in Georgia, his early family life, suddenly finding himself in politics, and all the while, doing things with others.  Sharing.  Although a naturally solitary person, he found that by sharing life's experiences with others, made them that much sweeter.  He tells stories of family gatherings and outings, how he and Rosalynn learned to ski at an advanced age, and came to ski every year thereafter, how they both took to exercising, and how much they both love fly fishing and where they've fished.  President Carter loves nature and is a firm believer in taking care of our environment.  His recollection of trips abroad, both as president and not, are interesting because they made so much of their trips together.  He and Rosalynn (and the family) formed the Carter Center which monitors elections wherever in the world they seek democracy and help to improve dire health around the world.  Much of his family is also involved in his Atlanta-based nonprofit organization.  He also describes their extreme adventures climbing part of Mount Everest and their climbing of Kilimanjaro and Mount Fuji.  Sharing one's experiences as a family (or with friends), for the Carters, is the best way to do things.  President Carter is also responsible for founding Habitat for Humanity.
Conclusion - A very interesting and inspiring read.

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