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Lips Unsealed - A Memoir by Belinda Carlisle Books in Review
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Lips Unsealed - A Memoir
by Belinda Carlisle
Crown Publishers
ISBN 978-0-307-46349-4
Published June 2010 - Hardcover - 265 pages - $26.00

Sadly, it seems a prerequisite in order to be a rock star, that you've got to indulge in drugs and alchohol in order to be someone.  Not for all (see Pat Benatar's book), but for a great many.  Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go's is no exception.  Hounded by hurtful remarks as a kid about her weight and her biological father leaving only to be replaced by a drunk, couldn't have helped much.  Carlisle's story begins as a child in California and she describes what growing up was like.  Not all smooth sailing, much like everyone else.  However, at 17 and 18 she was hanging out on Sunset Boulevard and partying with rock stars, hookers, and the like, and having a great time dating a variety of men, young and hold.  She was also heavily into the London music scene (punk rock) — this was in the mid- to late seventies.  After forming the Go-Go's, they toured the UK with Madness, were signed up, and released their first song.  All this mingled with parties, booze, and drugs, and all in excess.  She describes her rise to fame as the lead singer of the Go-Go's, their tours, the people she/they met and partied with, or dated, as well as her addiction to cocaine.  There are lots of stories about her travels, family, being a rock star, friends, scoring cocaine, performing concerts, and the like.  Hers is an interesting tale if not somewhat clouded by her drug use, and it's fascinating to learn how one can go from obscurity to the heights of recognition.  Carlisle also started dieting and soon became obsessed with her weight and what she ate, to the point of exhaustion.  This was after she'd given up using cocaine but still took drugs and used alcohol.  Dichotomy?  You bet!  Amongst the mayhem of her life, she's managed to sort it out and become sober.  Yoga helped, and her discovery of India most certainly helped.  Thankfully, and it was a relief, she's been married to the same wonderful man for many years and they have one child.  Belinda and I were born on the same day, she a year after me.
Conclusion - Very interesting if not a little disturbing, with a wonderful ending.  Great job.

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