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A Card A Day - Your Ultimate Resource for Inspiration, Design, Tips & Techniques - Over 365 Card Ideas
ISBN 978-1-57486-031-3
Published October 2009 - Softcover - 178 pages - $21.95

I've always loved stationery, especially cards.  Never, ever, did I think it would be such a flourishing hobby all these years later.  So flourishing in fact that there are books and books on cardmaking.  [I make my own greeting cards using my wildlife photos.]  This beautiful book from Paper Crafts Magazine offers over 365 cards to make, which will give you a task a day for a whole year!  If you just like making your own cards as a way to express your creativity, or if you have your own little business going, you're sure to be inspired to expand your repertoire.  I know I am.  And, I've just learned that there doesn't have to be a birthday, retirement, anniversary, or any other "occasion" for a card, you can just send one to someone for the fun of it.  Not all of the cards take a lot of work, and there are many that can be made in five steps or less (indicated) which is great.  Once you've got your equipment and bits and bobs, you might want to also have some stencils or templates (photocopy from the book) on hand.  Are you one of those who keeps wrapping paper and ribbons?  Then you're ahead of everyone else because all can be used to make cards.  Buttons, bows, scraps of material, wool, glitter, leaves and flowers, old cards which you can recycle and re-use, pretty pictures from magazines, or whatever takes your fancy.  Of course you'll find most anything on the Internet these days, and with a color printer, voilà!  Some of the cards I loved were on pages 22 Just For You; page 57 Floral Love; page 104 Dots and Flowers Thank You, and page 133 Warm Wishes.  Of course in order to be able to rustle up a card, one has to have quite a few supplies on hand, which is great for the collector or hoarder.  There are lots of supply details for each design at the back of the book, as well as a handy list of Occasions to remind you.
Conclusion - Wonderfully inspirational.  Many, many ideas to make your own and brighten the day of many a recipient.

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