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Greeting Cards Galore
by Mickey Baskett and Marci Donley
ISBN 1-4027-5376-4
Published March 2008 - Softcover - 128 pages - $14.95

With school summer vacation rapidly approaching, craft projects with and for the children will be a welcome diversion.  I've always loved receiving homemade cards but haven't crafted any myself.  There is an infinite amount of ways to make cards, and the "Supplies and Tools" and "Special Techniques" chapters in this book are worth reading if you want to really know what you're doing.  There seems to be quite a few essential items to acquire, which will probably last you quite a while.  I've always been fascinated by craft stores and usually get quite distracted and confused by all the products.  This book makes it easy to choose what type of paper, paint, glue, etc., to use, so when it comes to the point of "what to make," things should be that much simpler.  There are a number of birthday cards to make, as are there any occasion cards, holiday cards, and invitations among other ideas.  All designs come with the supplies needed, the instructions, and templates.  It couldn't be easier.  Cards I particularly liked are A Note For You and the Birthday Balloons.  So much fun to be had with a wide variety of cards and an endless imagination.  You could even turn the fun into a little business.
Conclusion - A very nice and helpful book to get you started making your own cards.

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