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The Joy of Cardmaking Collectors Edition from Paper Crafts Magazine, - Collector's Edition
from Paper Crafts Magazine
ISBN 978-1-60140-842-6
Published 2008 - Hardcover - 224 pages - $26.95

Greeting cards will probably never go out of style and crafters will probably never stop making them.  I started making cards using my own art but then I discovered all the amazing people on YouTube and their card creations!  I also discovered the mixed media aspect of cardmaking and that opened a whole new world for me.  Even though this book was published in 2008, there are still tons of contemporary cards to make, and if you're adventurous, jazz your cards up by using your imagination to personalize some of these cards.  This book is made up of cards by paper crafters from all over the world, and chapters include Card Classics, Hearty Helpings, Savory Squares, Made in Minutes, and Sweet Sampler, all a play on recipes by author Wendy Johnson's mother.  Each card has a helpful diagram to see the layout (also templates at the back of the book), Supplies (which can always be changed and you can use what you have), and Instructions.  Most of the cards featured make use of printed or specialized papers, rub-ons, rubber stamping, stickers, ribbon, accents, stitching with a sewing machine, fasteners, punches, buttons, tags, ink pads and more.  Some of my favorite creations are on these pages: 68, 13 (bottom), 90 and 172.  There is almost any type of card for any occasion you might need in this book, including slimline cards and a few gift ideas.  I love the simplicity of the cards on pages 16, 38, 72 and 158.  If you have a junk drawer full of stuff, you're well on your way as you can use just about anything on your cards.  Don't forget to use your die cuts!

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