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Lasting Light - 125 Years of Grand Canyon Photography
by Stephen Trimble
Northland Publishing
ISBN 0-87358-894-0
Published June 2006 - Hardcover - 210 pages - $40.00

One of the most spectacular sights one can take in during one's life, is the Grand Canyon.  "Grand" doesn't begin to describe its enormity and its effect the canyon has on visitors.  Photographing the canyon yourself doesn't do it justice which is why I adore these kinds of books.  Photographers who know what they're doing and use the light to great advantage.  However, this wasn't the case in the very early days when photography was just starting.  Paging through this magnificent collection of photos was satisfying but left me wanting to go there.  This book covers some twenty-one photographers' work dating back to the 1870s, as author Stephen Trimble relates the early beginnings of the art of photography.  Thankfully, now we are digital because how they managed to get around hauling all their equipment, I'll never know.  True professionals and dedication you rarely find these days.  Some of the hazards they endured just getting their film to be processed, is a testament to their dedication and professionalism.  The Grand Canyon is not easy to photograph well because the light is so fleeting and despite this, many of the early pictures are wonderful.  Colors change all the time and you can get pale pastel pinks and lilacs the one moment, and then dramatic reds and oranges the next.  Photographers whose work is featured in this book include Timothy O'Sullivan, the Kolb brothers, Ansel Adams, Dick Dietrich, Robert McDonald, Liz Hymans, and Michael Collier.  I loved the pictures featuring water and cliffs but I couldn't pick a favorite - there were so many.
Conclusion - Simply stunning.  Thank you for this beautiful keepsake book.

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