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Candlemaking the Natural Way - 31 Projects Made with Soy, Palm, and Beeswax by Rebecca Ittner Books in Review
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Candlemaking the Natural Way - 31 Projects Made with Soy, Palm, and Beeswax
by Rebecca Ittner
Lark Books
ISBN 978-1-60059-6001
Published August 2010 - Hardcover - 128 pages - $19.95

Aren't you sick (literally) of breathing in those horribly artifical smells in the candle aisles?  I feel like vomiting they're so overbearing.  Hence, I have none of those candles in my home.  The appeal of controlling how "smelly" (fragrant) a candle is, or having anything other than wretched vanilla or cinnamon, and designing and making your own candles, is very appealing.  I love the basic waxes of palm, beeswax, and soy—very "green".  Making your own candle will ensure you'll always have a supply of gifts on hand, that your gifts won't reek of "flavor", and it's a wonderful reason to collect odds and ends either to become candleholders or candle bases, and also shapes in which to make your candles.  You'll learn which wax works best for whatever design (pillar, votive, taper, etc.), how to choose the correct wick, how to correctly melt wax, the scenting and coloring of your wax, molding, and more.  I do like the simple rolled beeswax candle—love the honeycomb patterns.  Various artists' designs are featured in this book, along with those of author Rebecca Ittner, and some that appealed to me include: Carved Rose (so delicate and pretty); Fresh Outdoors Pillar, and Cupcake Candles (soy wax).  I adore the use of tea cups and saucers as candles (and candleholders), as do I the use of sea shells.  Leftover wax and old candles can be recycled for new and dramatic colors and designs, so don't throw anything away.
Visit Ittner's website at at
See my review of her Soapmaking the Natural Way book.
Conclusion - Just gorgeous.  Very inspiring and potentially lucrative too!

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