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Twelve the King by Michael Blake Books in Review
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Twelve the King
by Michael Blake
Perceval Press
ISBN 978-0-9819747-8-1
Published 2009 - Softcover - 36 pages - $25.00

I love Mr. Blake's dedication in his book.  "Dedication to all who believe that humanity is not the only important element on the planet earth".  [That's my opinion as to what is wrong with us as a race.]  Mr.Blake's book is about the rounding up of wild horses in northern Nevada and who were put into concentration camps (males were castrated and separated fom the females and the young) by the Board of Land Management.  This was back in 1991.  Why?  He says, "As is the case with mountain lions, wolves, and buffalo, there is an effort to rid America of wild horses.  These creatures have never instigated conflict, but since the landing of the Pilgrims, animals and Indians' ways of life in North America have been destroyed because they have been in the way".  I found this despicable but true, and so many are not aware nor do they care.  Mr. Blake's book is about a horse he met there, branded number 1202 on his left buttocks.  So magnificent and majestic was this animal, that Mr. Blake wrote a poem about him and then adopted him and took him to his ranch in Arizona.  He says, "I was with a creature whose connection with the earth upon which he walked was at a degree of perfection.  Even life and death were not an issue.  The proper conduct of every moment of existence was his sole reason for being".  This is the tender story of how connected a person can feel towards an animal, how they communicate and respect each other.  Mr. Blake's words brought tears to my eyes as I recalled a friend's horse who I looked after, who went through much the same at the end.  I was there and I saw it.  I felt Mr. Blake's agony and loss.
Mr. Blake is also the author of Dances with Wolves.
Read my review of another book by Mr. Blake, Indian Yell.
Conclusion - If you have a connection to other living creatures, do yourself a favor and read this very moving story about a horse with a personality and an unbreakable spirit.

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