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by Andrew Zuckerman
Chronicle Books
ISBN 978-0-8118-7098-6
Published October 2009 - Hardcover - 300 pages - $60.00

Very much the "art" book as it looks as though each photograph of every bird was taken in a studio (they were), as all have a white background, which in itself is okay as it brings out the intricate details of the subjects.  In some of Zuckerman's work you can see minute details like tiny, tiny feathers or little hairs.  The exquisite colors of these birds are magnified by the stark white background, giving one pause for inspection and admiration.  Artfully arranged on each but not every page, you'll get to enjoy, ooh and aah, let your jaw drop, and just marvel at the beauty of Nature.  [My slogan in my wildlife book is "Bring the Beauty of Nature into Your Life" which is apropos here.]  The colors of the birds' feathers alone are spectacular, but you'll also enjoy the finer details of legs and claws and beaks and eyes.  Some of the birds featured are the Augur Buzzard, Scarlet Ibis, a variety of Macaws, Wild Turkey, African Fish Eagle, Jackass Penguin, Hornbill, Emu, Laughing Kookaburra, Peregrine Falcon, Toucan, and many others.  Do read the Epilogue for an understanding of how these photos were taken as well as about our perception of birds.  I loved the colorful macaws and parrots and also the owls.  Do look at the incredible colors of the Ocellated Turkey.
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Conclusion - Gloriously uplifting and endlessly inspirational.  Thank you, Mr. Zuckerman.

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