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The Other Man - A Love Story - John F. Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Bessette, and Me
by Michael Bergin
Regan Books
ISBN 0-06-072389-0
Published March 2004 - Hardcover - 243 pages - $25.95

Well, as biographies go, this one is not the hyped-up book I thought it would be.  Actor/model Michael Bergin, who fell in love with Carolyn Bessette in the early nineties, just prior to her marriage to John F. Kennedy Jr., has only now spoken of their relationship.  Carolyn, it seems, was never truly committed as she never publicly acknowledged they were an item, at least not in the beginning, which frustrated Bergin.  But because he was so in love with her, and his love was bigger than hers, not "going public" as it were, eventually didn't bother him as much.  She was working for Calvin Klein when he became their "underwear guy".  To me it sounds like a strange friendship but her being scared of things ending, I guess it kind of makes sense.  A control freak perhaps?  He found out she was seeing John Jr. while watching television - this after their relationship seemed to be on its way out but he still had hope.  He also learned of their marriage via television.  Bergin wanted to marry Carolyn especially when she was pregnant with what he believed was his baby.  Neither of them were monogamous so perhaps it was best that they didn't end up together.  His success at modelling was gaining momentum yet his love life was going downhill.  He eventually landed a role on Baywatch and broadened his horizons.  Respectfully (or in total honesty), he barely touches on her alleged drug abuse and maintains she did not have a problem.  Oddly, there were only two photographs of Bergin with Bessette in the whole book.
Conclusion - A sad story but it's finally out there.

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