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Between a Heart and a Rock Place by Pat Benatar with Patsi Bale Cox Books in Review
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Between a Heart and a Rock Place - A Memoir
by Pat Benatar with Patsi Bale Cox
William Morrow
ISBN 978-0-06-195377-4
Published June 2010 - Hardcover - 247 pages - $25.99

I love Pat Benatar's edgy approach to not only her music, but now I discover, to her life as well.  Her story starts off much like most of us, poor-ish without being poor, lots of people in the house, good family, and here's where it differs slightly, talent, and a good dose of independence and determination.  However, much as most rockers and musicians were into the drug and booze scene, Benatar's "nice girl" upbringing made her responsible and cautious, and as she says, "I had a plan to succeed and not succumb".  We get to hear of her growing up as a Polish-Irish girl on Long Island, how her voice was discovered, the classical singing lessons she took, her break into singing at parties, weddings, and bar mitzvahs, and her being discovered.  All the while, at about age 22, and dealing with a marriage she shouldn't have got into, Pat Benatar believed she was going to be something.  On her terms though (love that, Pat), and didn't she just!  Her getting into a band and going on tour, putting out albums and all that that entails, is fascinating if not daunting.  Fun, sure, but there was a lot of haggling and fighting (this was the early 80s and women weren't "frontmen" of rock bands).  Also, Pat met Spyder (Neil Giraldo) and she relates the very romantic and intense period they endured before they were a couple and how the industry "worked" their relationship.  Moving stuff, and very enviable.  Also explained are their working relationships (artists and record executives), touring, making music, and being the first female on the then new MTV.  Although predominantly about the music industry and making records, Pat Benatar's story is interesting, and her advice for young and up and coming artists is priceless.
I agree with you Pat, about us all being basically the same, and yes, we all get chocolate on our face sometimes.
Visit Pat's website.
Conclusion - A fabulously enlightening and eye-opening story.  A great read from a rock "lady".

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