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Kevin Aucoin - A Beautiful Life
Simon & Schuster
ISBN 0-7434-5642-4
Published September 2003 - Hardcover - 236 pages

Born in Lafayette, Louisiana, makeup artist extraordinare Kevyn Aucoin, lived to become phenomenally famous among the beautiful, and the ordinary, of this world.  With his ability to draw exquisite portraits, and his natural attraction to the "celebrity" (Barbra Streisand in particular) and makeup, he soon found his niche in New York.  His early life was not easy but his determination took him to new levels, both personally and professionally.  His first big break was making up Tina Turner for a Rolling Stone cover shoot.  Kevyn was soon noticed by premier photographers and called upon for his services.  A huge part of his success, and appeal, was his ability to see the beauty in all things.  I recall seeing him on Oprah and how he transformed her into a Diana Ross lookalike (see his other book "Making Faces"), and was immediately impressed.  There are touching memories from some of the women he groomed as well as lots of makeup tips for all of us out there who could do with a helping hand.  This book is full of personal photographs of Kevyn's work on his sisters and on lots of famous actresses and models and is a wonderful preservation of his craft.  Lots of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Harper's Bazaar covers and a superb collection of Kevyn's personal Polaroids.  Just spectacular and very moving of someone who left us much too early.
Conclusion - A useful and wonderful keepsake of probably the most talented makeup artist in the world.

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