Ideas and Inspiration for Art Journals and Sketchbooks by Suzanne McNeill Books in Review
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Ideas and Inspiration for Art Journals and Sketchbooks
by Suzanne McNeill
Design Original
ISBN 978-1-57421-379-9
Published 2013 - Softcover - 64 pages - $16.99

This is such a fun book, and one I feel sure will appeal to adults and older children as there are so many fun ideas to play around with.  It's worth reminding readers that once again that messages like "it doesn't have to be perfect" and "there is no right or wrong way to make an art journal" are mentioned here.  The only way to put your art journal together is your way!  That's a huge amount of pressure taken off the anxiety-ridden artists out there.  I don't sketch in a sketchbook but for those who do, or want to, you'll find lots of encouraging ideas here.  (You can always illustrate your pages with photos if you're not comfortable drawing/sketching.)  I love the lettering on the bottom picture on page 17 and I want to use the idea of how Mexico is written/painted for the cover of my next art journal.  I am also inspired to create a page like the one on page 20 in my art journal as this image just lept out at me.  Inspiration truly does come from anywhere and when you least expect it.  There are so many ways to set your pages out, and although there is a lot of sketching here, the ideas are interesting and totally adaptable.  So whether you want to keep a sketchbook on your travels, your pets, your dreams, your garden or whatever, you'll find an amazing amount of ideas you can personalize on your own pages.  And you've got to love the Trojan Horse on page 49!  Thankfully you don't need a ton of expensive supplies!

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