The Art of the Fold by Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol Books in Review
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The Art of the Fold - How to Make Innovative Books and Paper Structures
by Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol
Laurence King Publishing
ISBN 978-1-78627-293-5
Published 2018 - Hardcover - 192 pages - $29.99

A lovely book by mother and daughter that will surely be inspirational to you if youíre wanting to learn about altering books and making some pretty amazing creations with the pages or paper.  Personally, Iíve never seen so many amazing things you can fold from pages!  Everything is so beautifully explained as well as the terminology that you can hardly go wrong.  There are tons of diagrams which appear to be easy to follow (Iíve not tried any yet) and so many choices of ideas.  Some of the folds include accordion, flag book, blizzard book, wheel of fortune, triangular book, fishbone fold, and so much more.  Enclosures are also covered and they are impressive.  I would imagine that kids would quite like this activity.  I want to try the Pocket Accordion Variation and the Self-closing Wrapper.

book cover


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