How to Make Art for Joy's Sake by Kristy Rice Books in Review
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How to Make Art for Joy's Sake - Free-Spirited Watercolor
by Kristy Rice
Schiffer Publishing
ISBN 978-0-7643-6151-7
Published 2021 - Spiralbound/Hardcover - 188 pages - $29.99

Wow!  What a beautifully put together book!  Trained artist Kristy Rice shares her knowledge and experience with watercolors in this glorious book.  She covers the Prep Work, Materials, Wet-on-Wet and Wet-on-Dry and Wet-on-Damp styles, Details, Forget Rules (Yay!), Techniques, Exercises, and more.  She starts off slowly, easing you into her world, with advice on what to avoid and what to look for all around you, how to use your brushes, different techniques with color, progressing to more skilled work.  And there's nothing to fear, just go along for the ride!  I love Rule 1 exercise as you go through an entire painting from the first stroke to the last.  It's totally do-able!  Rule 4 is also interesting: Crayola vs Sennelier watercolors.  (I adore the Crayola palette and use them often.)  The exercises offer Linework, Muscle Memory (practice), Color Mixing (fun), Texture Development, and so much more.  We learn to paint flowers, leaves, water, fruit and veggies, landscapes, patterns, using different brushes, and interestingly, towards the end, how to draw and paint gems and rocks.  You're spoiled for choice as there is so much to try and to find what you'd like to make your own.  Whether you work inside or prefer to paint outside, there is something for you here, all beautifully illustrated.  If you've been fearful about not being able to make art, follow Kristy's advice and just dive in as though you were a fearless 8-year-old!

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