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All of Me by Anne Murray Books in Review
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All of Me
by Anne Murray with Michael Posner
Alfred A. Knopf
ISBN 978-0-307-39844-4
Published 2009 - Hardcover - 344 pages - unknown

Anne Murray is a singer who I've always wished I could see live on stage.  I adore her voice and the songs she sings.  I've cried along to many, many songs, been uplifted by some, and tapped my foot along to others.  Her voice is pure and it touches my soul.  I found her book quite by accident when shelving at the library one day, and I took it home to devour.  I didn't know much about her other than she is a Canadian singer and performer with one of the best voices around.  I've also always loved her short hair, and later in life, her spikey hair.  I also recalled how many other fantastic Canadian singers I really love: Paul Williams (superb songwriter as well); Bryan Adams; Burton Cummings; Neil Young; Celine Dion; Shania Twain, and of course the incomparable kd lang.  Ann Murray's story begins with her growing up around five brothers and her inevitable tomboyishness.  Hers is a refreshing look back at life in the '50s and '60s in Canada, and her conventional upbringing, usually deferring to Mom and Dad's sound sense and advice.  She tells of her rise to stardom and the harsh criticisms (too much exposure, for one) from small-town Canada at the time, and how she learned to roll with the punches.  It's amazing what one good song can do for your career.  For one, it puts you on the map.  Secondly, unless you have a good voice, that's all you'll be known for.  Fortunately Anne Murray's voice is a superb one, and she's collected hits and songs like no one's business.  Her fame was pretty meteoric, but she did pay her dues, many of which she shares with us.  A lot of what she relates is about the technical and business side of recording (contracts and decisions) and who's shes worked with and her rise to fame, but she does reminisce about her young family growing up with a famous (and often absent) mother, her long-time stalker, her encounter with Robert Goulet in Las Vegas (shudder), her daughter's anorexia, and the break-up of her 23-year marriage.
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Conclusion - Essentially an upbeat story but the book seemed to drag.  Maybe it was just me.

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