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Animals of Africa
by Thomas B. Allen
ISBN 0-7893-9993-9
Published February 2008 - Hardcover - 252 pages - $45.00

I'm from Africa, but contrary to what many people think, and have asked me, I did not grow up with lions and elephants in my backyard.  I really didn't.  However, I have always been aware of the exquisite array of animals on that continent.  I've read many books on animals, been to a game reserve or two, and watched hundreds of documentaries on the African wild.  I couldn't resist this wonderful book, not only to enjoy the brilliant photographs, but also for the goosebumps I knew I'd get.  And I did.  The photographers are Jim Brandenberg, Mitsuaki Iwago, Frans Lanting, and Michael Nichols.  They cover a wide variety of animals which include, among others, lions, cheetahs, zebra, wildebeest, elephants, rhinos, ostriches, flamingos, hippos, crocodiles, and gorillas.  There is accompanying informative text about the habitat, breeding, and feeding of the different animals, which I found enlightening.  Some of my favorite pictures in this book are on pages 21, 51, 123, 190/191, and 252.  My dearest hope is that the world helps save the animals' habitats, thereby helping to save humanity.
Jane Goodall wrote the Introduction.
Conclusion - A stunning book for all wildlife lovers.  Pity about the print errors.
I'm now noting print errors in the books I review - I'm so tired of being distracted by unnecessary and completely avoidable errors.  I was saddened to find so many errors in such a fantastic (and expensive!) book.
Page 24 - hunt or "behunted" instead of hunt and be hunted;
page 29 - no period at the end of the first paragraph, and again no period at the bottom of the second column;
page 122 - photo caption - kudo instead of kudu;
page 140 - no period after the photo caption;
page 206 - lair instead of layer in the sixth line down in the first column;
page 231 - no final period (very annoying as I went paging on looking for the rest of the sentence);
pages 238 and 241 - photo captions have been switched! - an unforgivable mistake!;
and page 249 - #22 is not indicated on the map of Africa - there's a blank circle instead.
Careless and unnecessarily distracting to the reader.
  Do read my blog about these kinds of publishing errors.

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