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My '70s Book - The When I Was A Kid...Book for the Generation That Grew Up In The '70s by Darryll Sherman Books in Review
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My '70s Book - The "When I Was A Kid...Book" for the Generation That Grew Up In The '70s
by Darryll Sherman
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN 978-159858-690-9
Published September 2008 - Softcover - 100 pages - $11.95

The older we get the more we forget, especially about our youth - it seems so far away - so it was a lot of fun reminiscing through someone else's eyes.  Even though I grew up in the '70s and on a different continent, I had many similar things in my childhood.  Darryll Sherman recalls things kids did back then; what they had to work with (bicycles, tree houses, games), television programs (would kids today be content with no cable and about five channels?), vinyl records, parents who didn't divorce after the first argument, home-made meals, playing safely in the streets, FABULOUS MUSIC, and if you failed a class, you stayed back a grade - makes perfect sense, and I bet there were more kids then who could read and write properly!  Things we didn't have back then and for which some "work" had to be done, include walking to a telephone instead of reaching out and picking up a cell phone, so much frivilous litigation, sloppy dress attitudes, drive-by shootings, rude and disrespectful kids, driving and talking on cell phones at the same time, obesity, credit card debt, and the like.  I wholeheartedly agree that we "had a lot of things that the kids today don't have: like the need for pretending, imagining or make believe; the ability to carry on an intelligent conversation without interjecting multiple "likes" and "ums" and "you knows." Visit Sherman's website.
Conclusion - A great look back at how it used to be, disco and all.

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