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501 Must-Visit Natural Wonders by Miranda Barran, John Birdsall, Jackum Brown and David Brown Books in Review
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501 Must-Visit Natural Wonders
by Miranda Barran, John Birdsall, Jackum Brown and David Brown
Thunder Bay Press
ISBN 978-1-60710-090-4
Published July 2010 - Hardcover - 544 pages - $19.95

I'll bet most of us have "things" to do and "places" to go in our lifetimes; a kind of bucket list.  Things we'd love to do and places we hope to see before we depart this world.  To help us narrow down our wishes, the authors have put together a selection of just 501 must-visit natural wonders.  If natural wonders are on your list, you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that there aren't just the famous seven wonders.  Who'd have thought that there were so many though?  This incredible book features wonders from the Americas and the Caribbean; Africa; Europe and the Middle East; Australasia and Oceania, and Asia.  Just about everywhere on earth.  Along with this well-thought out art collection, we're given What Is It?, How to Get There, When to Go, Don't Miss, Nearest Town, and/or You Should Know hints and tips.  You'll not only learn a bit about each destination, there are also dynamic and enticing photos to marvel at.  We start off with Niagara Falls and finish with Mount Erebus (Antarctica) with everything else in between.  Places could be mountainous, watery, desert-like, forest-like, or offer fossils, wildlife, sea life, or even caves.  Caves of the Winds and the Rocky Mountains, both featured in this book, are on my doorstep here in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I tallied about 22 places I've already seen which are in this book, and about 35 more I'd still like to visit.  Nowhere near 501 but I'm not doing too badly so far.
Conclusion - A wonderful souvenir of the world.  If you can't get to most places, you can enjoy them in this book in the comfort of your home.

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