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All it took was one look and a few raves from a friend who was drinking Tropical Carrot juice from Bolthouse Farms!  I looked at the bottle and read about how all natural ingredients were used, no artificial sugar (YAY!!!) and all the vitamins were listed.  I went out and bought what I thought he was drinking but came home with 100% Carrot Juice instead.  I've not yet mixed any juices as I am going to enjoy them individually first.  I LOVE that the ingredients are listed on the bottles, as are the various amounts of other fruits used in the juice as well as the relevant vitamins.  This helps take the guess-work out of what you're putting into your body.

I don't have much of a budget, but from now on these juices and smoothies are going become a way of life for me.  I can't afford fresh fruits (and only limited vegetables) which are expensive and often flavorless, not to mention who-knows-what-was-sprayed-on-them, so I am going to invest in a few bottles of juice and smoothies per week as my daily intake of fruit and vegetables.  I can easily look at the labels (or check out the Bolthouse website for details) for which vitamins are in which drinks.  This way I can have small slurps of delicious blue berries and/or raspberries (who can afford those?!) followed by whatever else I fancy or need in the form of fresh vitamins!

I use a little 4oz cup and have 2oz of at least four different juices (8oz a day), rather like little "shots" one after the other.  You can of course make your own fruit concoctions.  This way I get to taste a few flavors AND get some much-need vitamins.  Please click on the Bolthouse Farms link to see for yourself whether their products are suitable for vegans, gluten-free, which vitamins you'll get as well as the nutritional guides.

Do yourself a favor and visit the Bolthouse Farms website, and see for yourself how committed they are to bringing us the real thing.  THANK YOU, Bolthouse Farms!  They are not limited to juices and smoothies as they also have dressings and breakfast smoothies, protein plus drinks, cafe drinks and great stuff for kids!  I'll get to taste those eventually.
Newest flavors I tried are listed first.

13. Mango Coconut Splash     12. Protein Plus (Mango)     11. Daily Greens     10. Daily Golden Vedge     9. Multi-V Goodness (Cherry)     8. 100% Pomegranate     7. Açaí +10 Superblend     6. Green Goodness     5. Amazing Mango     4. Blue Goodness     3. Berry Boost     2. Daily Roots     1. 100% Carrot

Juices and Smoothies

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No High Fructose Corn Syrup!
No preservatives!
Gluten-free where necessary!
Just fresh and nutritious fruit and/or veggies!

Mango Coconut Splash juice was the thirteenth flavor I sampled and I really didn't enjoy it one bit.  It tasted like water, which it was.  The ingredients list water first, followed by coconut water, apple juice, lemon juice, mango puree, and passion fruit puree, again, none of which I could taste.  I felt cheated.  Even though Mango is first in the title of this juice, there is no mango shown on the illustrative diagram where they show ¾ Coconut, ¾ Apples (sic) and a Wedge of Lemon, none of which I could taste.  There isn't even a hint of a coconut taste.  Even the volume is less than the usual 15.2 fl. oz.  This bottle is just 11 fl. oz.  I have to wonder where the 330mg potassium comes from.  Also, this juice is sweetened with stevia leaf extract.  Summed up in a word, Blech!
Protein Plus (Mango) smoothie was the twelfth flavor I sampled and I just loved it!  It has a subtle mango flavor and is beautifully blended with the likes of whey and soy for protein, apple juice, carrot juice, Valencia orange juice, mango puree, banana puree and pineapple puree.  More calories than I'd like at 200 but then I only drink "shots" at a time to get my vitamins and goodness!  The label says 80% daily value of vitamin A (Helps keep eyes and skin healthy), 130% B vitamins (May assist in the metabolism of proteins and fat for energy and lean muscle nourishment), 160% vitamin C (Helps support the immune system) and 16% potassium (May assist with proper function of all cells)!  This one is easily one of my very favorites!
Daily Greens juice was the eleventh flavor I tried and man, was it hard to stomach.  It reminded me of why children do not like their "greens", but then again, I didn't grow up eating kale and I love green vegetables.  I think the overwhelming, and somewhat distasteful, flavor must be the kale, as the other ingredients include spinach, romaine, cucumber, celery and lemon, all of which I love.  Now all instincts tell me that Antioxidents and Vitamins are good for me, and I know we need green veggies, but in order for me to get the nutrition and benefit from this particular juice, I am going to have to mix it with something else.  Otherwise it's unpalatable.  However, my friend sipped it and grew to like it, a little.  So, with 100% vitamin A and 100% vitamin C daily allowance and just 90 calories, this one will become part of my daily routine.  I just have to find the right flavor to mix with it!  I just checked the ingredients and found that among other things in this drink, are pear juice, kiwi puree, banana puree, green bell pepper juice, xanthan gum?? and wheatgrass.
Daily Golden Vedge juice was the tenth flavor I tried and I just loved it!  It reminded me a little of soup (fab if you like cold soup) and I could literally taste the goodness.  We don't eat enough veggies so this is a great way to get some of the beta-carotene we so badly need into our bodies.  I loved the slightly peppery aftertaste which just added to the appeal of this delicious drink.  The label says "excellent source of vitamin A" and you also get vitamins C, B6, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, copper and zinc among other goodness.  I really, really liked this one.  Once I try the Daily Greens one, I might have found the secret to "eating" well.  Calories per serving are just 60.
Multi-V Goodness Cherry smoothie was the ninth flavor I tried and this was the first time I was disappointed.  The first thing that hit me was the "almond" aroma, or marzipan flavor, neither of which I like.  I tasted it and it was overwhelmingly "almond" which I really didn't enjoy, and neither did I like that it stayed on my tongue.  However, my friend loved it as he likes cherries.  I do too, but I think I'm used to black cherries and not the ones used in this smoothie.  Sorry to say, but this one was not to my taste at all.  Pity because this is the first juice/smoothie I've seen with fiber on the label, "32% daily fiber".  You get Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B6, B12, calcium, iron, and more at 140 calories per serving.  My friend got to enjoy the rest of this bottle.
100% Pomegranate juice was the eighth flavor I tried.  Wow!  It has a sharp and tart taste that bites back, so beware.  My mouth scrunched up much like it does when you taste fresh lemon juice, but in a good way.  As kids we used to eat pomegranates off the tree so this taste brings back many memories for me.  Pomegranates are known as one of the "superfruits" and so this is a great way to get some healthy juice down your throat.  The taste does take a bit of getting used to (I'm still sampling flavors individually in 2oz "shots") and in time I shall use this juice as a base to make my own fruit cocktails.  150 calories per serving plus some calcium.
Açaí +10 Superblend juice was the seventh flavor I tried.  The label delighted me with all the beautiful berries and the "Açaí plus a blend of 10 superfruits", which turns out to include Goji Berry, Bilberry, Black Currant, Mangosteen, Blueberry, Noni Berry, Yumberry, Raspberry and Pomegranate.  120 calories per serving and you get "20% daily value of vitamin C, an antioxident vitamin that helps the body fight free radicals".  The nutrition label includes vitamins A, K, calcium and magnesium.  Now, this flavor was not my favorite as I found the combination a little too "different" for my liking.  However, it is palatable and thirst-quenching.  I think we've become so accustomed to eating so much processed foods that our tastebuds really aren't in tune with pure and good food.  So, I shall drink this and know that I am benefitting from its goodness!
Green Goodness smoothie was the sixth flavor I tried, and I didn't let the color of it put me off.  When I saw the kiwi fruit on the label I knew it would be delicious.  The label says that it has "13 servings of fruit and veggies" (I had a 52oz bottle) and it's "packed with antioxidents A & C".  What more could you want?  Except perhaps the unappetizing color.  Don't let it put you off as it is quite delicious.  Other juices in this smoothie are apples, mango, banana and pineapple!  140 calories per serving.  Guess what?  There is also, among other "goodness" in this mixture, spirulena, broccoli, spinach, wheat grass, echinacea, garlic and Nova Scotia Dulse.  How could all this not be good for you!  This is a fabulous way to get your greens.
Amazing Mango smoothie was the fifth flavor I tried, and man, is it superb!  I adore the tropical taste of Mango which so often is tainted by a variety of additives, but this mango is fantastic.  Its rich and thick consistency was a pleasure to savor, and I think this one is possibly my very favorite.  For the time being that it!  Silly me, I recycled the bottle so I don't have the details but you can visit Bolthouse Farms and check them out for yourself.  This mango smoothie is heaven.
Berry Boost smoothie was the third Bolthouse juice (smoothie) I tried, and I chose this one because I love berries but just cannot afford the prices anymore.  The flavor in this smoothie is quite intense and "bites back".  The first thing that came to mind after my first sip, was ice cream.  These flavors (the juice of 104 berries which includes blackberries, elderberries, raspberries, boysenberries, strawberries, and blueberries) are tart and really tackle your tastebuds.  Calories per serving are 130 and you get vitamins A, B6, B12, C and E.  Berry Boost is delicious when really cold.  And yes, it is smooth.
Blue Goodness smoothie was the fourth flavor I tried, and again, I chose this one because I love blueberries but cannot afford the prices.  This one is my favorite!  The flavors are incredible and I just love that I am getting so many B vitamins via so much "blue goodness".  Can't think where else I'd be getting so many B vitamins.  In this smoothie there is the juice of 25 blueberries and 21 blackberries, 1⅔ banana and 7¼ apples plus the benefit of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, C, E and calcium!  The label says "packed with B vitamins for energy".  Calories are 170 per serving (8oz) which is a little high to me, but the goodness far outweighs the calories.  Besides, with all the energy you can take a walk and walk the calories off!  Do try this absolutely delicious smoothie.
Berry Boost smoothie was the third Bolthouse juice (smoothie) I tried, and I chose this one because I love berries but just cannot afford the prices anymore.  The flavor in this smoothie is quite intense and "bites back".  The first thing that came to mind after my first sip, was ice cream.  These flavors (the juice of 104 berries which includes blackberries, elderberries, raspberries, boysenberries, strawberries, and blueberries) are tart and really tackle your tastebuds.  Calories per serving are 130 and you get vitamins A, B6, B12, C and E.  Berry Boost is delicious when really cold.  And yes, it is smooth.
Daily Roots juice was the second Bolthouse juice I tried, and I chose this one mainly because I love the color purple and I adore beets!  (I noticed the beet on the picture on the bottle.)  When I tasted it and noticed the very strong flavor, I investigated and noticed that other ingredients in this delicious juice were purple carrots, cucumber juice, purple sweet potatoes, red bell pepper puree, parsley juice, lettuce juice, watercress juice, lemon juice, etc.  With just 60 calories per serving, how can you possibly go wrong?  This particular flavor is quite strong and takes a little getting used to, but followed with a slightly sweeter flavor, yum yum YUM!
100% Carrot juice was the first Bolthouse juice I tried and I could taste the very distinctive carrot taste immediately.  Although it took a little getting used to, it was delicious.  I just knew what I was drinking was good for me.  You can't make that flavor up!  I drank a little every day and enjoyed it knowing I was getting a good dose of vitamin A.  I went to their website and read what I could about this company and was I impressed!  I was overjoyed to read that they use natural ingredients, NO High Fructose Corn Syrup (THANK YOU!), no preservatives, and about their good growing methods they practice.  Please click on the link to any particular flavor that appeals to you for full details on what vitamins you're getting, whether it's suitable for vegans, gluten-free or not, as well as the nutritional guide.  100% Carrot has only 70 calories per serving.  By the way, I didn't realize I'd bought a different flavor from the one my friend was raving about until I gave him some of my juice to try.  We are both hooked!

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