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blank art greeting cards They say it's better to give than to receive, and in Acts 20:35 it says, "It is blessed to give than to receive".
You can do both!  I have been wanting to raise funds for children whose parents cannot afford to pay for their medical treatment and also for animals that need to be rescued.  I can't do it alone but I came up with an idea to "give something and receive something" and help others!
I make original art greeting cards, one of which I am offering in return for a donation of $4.50 (includes costs and shipping to USA addresses) and I'll donate $2.00 to charity!  (Costs include payment fees, postage and art materials — International donations add an extra 90c for postage.)
* When I make a donation, I'll post where it went to!
If you would like to help me help others, and receive a random piece of original art, please do!  I know that times are tough, but a small offering of $4.50 (or $5.40 for international donations) will go a long way in helping those who desperately need all the help they can get!  Thank you!
(A donation would make a nice and inexpensive gift for a friend!)
blank art greeting cards

Prices will change if and when postage rates increase!
Please email me at if you have any questions.  Adrienne Petterson

USA Donations
International Donations
Any Amount Donations*
New Balance
* $60.00 donated to Animal Rescue Corps (April 9, 2018)
* Cards to the value of your donation will be mailed to you.

THANKS! Terry, CO (twice!) | Dorothy, TX | JudyAnn, CO |

blank art greeting cards

I swear to handle all donations in an honest and respectful manner.  Cards measure 5.5" x 4.25" (14cm x 10.5cm), are blank inside and come with an envelope and plastic protective sleeve.  The size of each individual piece of art varies from card to card.  These cards can be framed and given as gifts!
Cards will be mailed to you by regular letter mail through the US Postal Service.

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