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Branching out to painting Art Cards, Editions and Originals (ACEOs) was a natural progression for me.  My small original art greeting cards are just a fraction larger than these 2.5" x 3.5" art cards.

I have ACEOs in portrait or landscape (vertical or horizontal) and in a variety of styles, most notably continuing with my Tribute to Africa theme.  These cards come with a protective plastic sleeve and prices include shipping and handling to USA addresses.  Please contact me with any queries or special requests.

Each one is an original piece of artwork—they make lovely gifts and/or collectibles.  Perfect for framing!

If any card is marked sold and you would like one, please let me know and I can make an original one for you.

No Two Are The Same! Selection

I sign all cards and art.  Acrylic paints used.

Prices are $9.50 each (includes s&h to USA addresses).

Order using your credit card safely and securely through PayPal.

Photographs unfortunately do not show the exact colors but give you a good idea.

(#01) Dancing Lady $9.50

(#02) African Mask $9.50

(#03) Colorful Tree $9.50

(#04) Lady (yellow background) $9.50

(#05) African Pot $9.50

(#06) Lady (pink background) $9.50

(#07) Three African Men (yellow background) $9.50

(#08) Mother and Daughter (gray background) $9.50

(#09) African Huts $9.50

(#10) Two African Women (orange background) $9.50

(#11) Three women and Two Children (light green background) $9.50

(#12) African Woman in Red Dress (ochre background)$9.50

(#13) African Woman and Baby (green background) $9.50

(#14) Dancing Ladies $9.50

(#15) Two Ladies in the Desert $9.50

(#16) Two Fishermen $9.50

(#17) African Hut $9.50

(#18) African Hut at Night $9.50

(#19) Six African Women (green background) $9.50

(#20) African Elephant (green background) $9.50

(#21) Four African Women (black background) $9.50

(#22) Africa in Shades (yellow background) $9.50

(#23) Mama Africa (red background) $9.50

(#26) Arizona (light green background



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